I have decided to start a blog to more effectively document my experiences while exploring, and show a deeper side of myself I typically have not shown before. Up until now my experience with writing has been micro-blogging (shorter forms of content) which I’ve mainly communicated across my social media networks.


I figured this first post would be a bit of an introduction. First things first – YES, my first name is Dax (I get asked this all the time). You’ll notice from my website that the content is mostly focused on exploration and creativity; because at the core of myself I am an explorer, and creativity has been by my side as long as I can remember. Prior to becoming an explorer I was a professional creative director and designer working in branding and brand development. I still selectively take on clients who require a visual identity (logo creation, brand identity system), rebranding, communication design, as I love creating lasting, memorable identities for ambitious people (and ❤ everything to do with visual design). Some of my branding work can be found here.

When I began my journey in the outdoors (starting at the very end of 2013) I started finding myself in Nature. I had a very out-of-body experience in an early Winter morning and this led me into the wilderness.


I randomly drove on the highway towards Bragg Creek, AB, parked my SUV, and walked straight into the woods. After about an hour and 45 minutes of exploring I unexpectedly found dream catchers, feathers, tipis; it was as if that entire day was the first moment I saw (felt) Nature for the first time in my life. I began taking photos on my smartphone and began documenting photos and experiences on Instagram. My next post will be all about how this day changed my life…

If this is your first time here feel free to connect with me on social media: Instagram, Twitter, my Facebook Page, or Linkedin.


Great to meet you!


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