Today, we’re all part of an incredible global movement:

?  ‘The Rise of the Mobile Creator’

The moments of our lives are happening right in front of us and you may already have hundreds (or thousands) of photos on your smartphone. YOU are the mobile creator.


Question: How many photos do you currently have on your smartphone?

Earlier this season I was presenting my Smartphone Pro Mobile-Photo Workshop to a group of people in Calgary, Alberta and I ran a poll asking them how many photos they had on their phones. My poll went up to 3,000 photos because as a photographer I have around 3,000 photos and didn’t expect people who weren’t photographers to have that many. THE MOST COMMON ANSWER WAS 5,000+ and this proved to me instantly that the ‘Rise of the Mobile Creator’ is happening faster than we realize. These are the moments of our lives and this I value very highly.

For the first time in history, the lines are being blurred between Digital SLR Cameras and Mobile Phones. 

Today our smartphones are now readily-equipped with camera functions that enable us to capture professional photos as if you were using an expensive camera setup. Your smartphone is your new professional camera.

The best camera is the one you ALWAYS have with you and that camera is now our phones.

Your phone will be with you mostly all the time, your other camera’s won’t. It makes sense to know how to properly capture and express the vitality and essence of a moment while you’re in it.

Reduce your photographic workflow.

Since I began shooting on a smartphone more seriously, I’ve been able to reduce the tedious photo workflow between his cameras, laptop and hard drives. I can just SHOOT – EDIT – SHARE with my fingertips right from in the field. This has allowed me to spend more time capturing + sharing the vitality of the moment while it’s happening. Game-changer.

Why take the best photos possible on a mobile phone?

Accessibility: You will almost always have your phone on you and knowing how to properly capture that fleeting moment can be the difference between a blurry photo and an award-winning photo.

Technique: Maybe you LOVE photos, and even have a Digital SLR Camera – but don’t exactly know how to use it. In the workshop you’ll learn basic photography fundamentals and will gain confidence through shooting on something you’re already familiar with: your phone.

Barrier to Entry: Maybe you have a smartphone and don’t feel like spending another $5,000 or $8,000 for a legit camera setup.

Or maybe this: You want to take amazing photos on your next trip or vacation. You want to become more serious about photography. You’ve taken photos on your phone but they didn’t turn out how they expected. You want to take the best photos of your child when they’re born, or graduating, or getting married, or anything. Your maybe your moments just mean something more to you, like they do for me.

 “Your photos deserve more than a ‘filter’ or ‘preset’.” — Dax Justin

Why did we all started using ‘filters’ or applying ‘presets’ — is it because we all want our pictures to look better?

OF COURSE IT IS! These days we all want to share the best photos we possibly can. But why filters? Because they’re easy. You don’t need to think, you just tap a button and all of a sudden you have a photo with a generic set of values applied to it. Can we stop this? Lighting in your photo is NEVER the same, so why would you want to edit every photo the same way?

Instead, learn how to shoot and edit your smartphone photos like a pro photographer!

Over the last few months I have been creating an online workshop that will take your mobile photography skills to the next level…

Today, I’m proud to introduce:

The Smartphone Pro Mobile-Photo Workshop

An online course that gives you the tools and teaches you step-by-step how to capture, edit and produce professional-level photos from your smartphone with your fingertips, all while in the field or on the go. Regardless of what phone you take photos right now, you are capable of capturing and producing professional-level photographs directly from your smartphone. This is an empowering photography course for anyone!

You’ll learn how to shoot jaw-dropping photos from your smartphone and will show you how to bring the life and vitality out of your photos from wherever you are, regardless of what device you’re shooting on.

I can’t wait to have you in the workshop, you future mobile-creator, you! ? 


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