When I was a kid, there were times I’d run around in the woods with imagination, playing like tomorrow never existed. Did you ever play like that? I want that feeling back. And by want I mean NEED, so my friend Brennan and I teamed up with Go RVing Canada and took off on a relentless search of that very feeling. It’s not childhood – it’s wildhood.


The #BringBackWildhood campaign is about attitude. An attitude towards nature and the outdoors, pure & untapped. Wildhood is our sense of play and imagination in the outdoors. Go RVing Canada set us up with an RV and sent us into the wild. Below is a video, a gallery of our trip and Q&A between Go RVing Canada and Dax.

Photo Gallery

Q & A: Go RVing Canada X Dax Justin

What were some of your highlights?
At the top of my list has to be skytrekking among the trees in the Skytrek Adventure Park and visiting a very sentimental place for me called the The Enchanted Forest near Revelstoke. Then; finding Wildhood at the Giant Cedar Boardwalk, reaching the summit of Terminator Peak at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, crossing a swaying suspension bridge at Crazy Creek Falls, and obviously canoeing Two Jack Lake in Banff National Park, AB during a calm yet visually radiant sunset.

Anything completely unexpected happen?
People. Amazing ones! I always meet people on my trips in the outdoors but the individuals I met on this trip were different. As in, I’m Facebook friends with them now and it’s safe to say we’re friends for life! I believe the true essence of adventure lies between the interconnections of humans WITHIN nature and each other. Though I anticipated meeting cool people along the way, the ones I met have been surprisingly supportive and were instrumental in capturing some of my favorite moments of the journey.

Was there something that really brought Wildhood back for you?
Momentarily after entering British Columbia we stepped into the Giant Cedar Boardwalk and there was a shift in the trip… Walking along the boardwalk you catch brisk scents of fresh cedar, every shade of green making your eyes spin and I couldn’t help but go off the path to run my fingers through the fresh, ALIVE forest. That was the moment got my Wildhood back, and that’s when the true adventure started.

Would you do it again?
In a heartbeat. Or less! Now that I’ve experienced a luxury RV sleeping in the bush (literally) is going to be tough!  🙂

Anything you’d like shared about your adventure?
Taking an RV through my home province of Alberta and into the stunning British Columbia was a journey I’ll never forget. The heart of this for me was being able to experience new beauty I had never laid eyes on before, and that made me feel like I was in Neverland.


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