Hudson Bay Mountain cabin community leads an enviable life


After witnessing and shooting one of the most stunning sunrises of my life from the peak of Hudson Bay Mountain, I was intrigued by the small mountain community I saw on my way up. It turns out there’s a handful of people who live on the mountain and whole-heartedly embraced this place.

I could instantly see why. I spent the rest of the day skiing iconic mountain lines and talking with the cabin-living locals to find out a bit more.

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Meet cabin locals: Jason and family

Jason Krauskopf and his family live in a cabin on Hudson Bay Mountain and can literally jump off their back deck into a couple of metres of fresh powder. The amount of snow on this mountain is incredible and I can see why Jason’s two boys Toan and Tosh love growing up here.

Jason is the co-owner of Local Supply Co., a gear shop for outdoor enthusiasts in Smithers. You can tell he’s is woven deeply into the outdoors lifestyle of this community. Read more:

Finding joy in the alpine culture

At the core of this mountain is the community. After skiing with Jason and his family, I got a chance to do a little exploring of my own. Nearly every person I talked to said they would never leave because they have a deep love for the mountain and close bonds with each other. One snowboarder told me, “You can let your kids run wild on this hill with their friends; it’s safe. All of our families look after each other.” Read more:

Meet Kelly

Nearing the end of the day, I was ready to relax and enjoy the sun setting from Kelly McCormack’s cabin. We literally skied to her front door. I felt like I’d just walked into my aunt’s house because we instantly hit it off. The skies were drenched with colour and over a hot chocolate I talked to Kelly about what she loves about this mountain.

“My husband and I drove around the province and looked all over … and couldn’t find anything that spoke to us more,” she says. “We were drawn here.” Read more:


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