I see quotes and sayings daily about comfort zones and how you should get out of your comfort zone in an effort to grow and progress as people. Having been on a path of discovering myself over the last few years I’ve learned about comfort zones and I’m going to get deep on you.


Now here’s the thing; when you let yourself slide into comfort and convenience to the point where you don’t feel feelings anymore, you gradually forget the essence & vitality of life.


I’ve discovered that in order to implement tangible positive change in your life you must first change the framework in your mind about how you perceive life and create new mental/neural thought pathways and patterns, then take action physically.

Today I was thinking about purpose and what the hell we are doing here on planet Earth. I began by thinking about Life and what the goal of life is. Which turned out to be pretty easy to figure out: The goal of life is to stay alive. Fact.

Deeper than that, what is the purpose of life? Some would say…. Find love, have children, find compassion, find yourself, learn about your soul, achieve awakening or enlightenment, etc. And that’s great. It could be anything, but let’s fast forward and pretend you’ve lived out your life and you are at peace. You’ve laughed, cried, fallen in love, learned about past lives – So what. What’s the purpose? What’s the big idea behind any of it?

It all comes down to two things: the moment, and your surroundings. The only thing that truly matters is being present in the moment and in the flow of life with your surroundings. [tweet this]

The ONLY thing you need to do right now and ever is: Fully invest and immerse yourself in what you’re doing in this moment. You never know when they end and the accumulation of those moments are your life.


You need to slay your comfort zone to bring back the essence & vitality of life – YOUR moment. Live it as if it were your last. [tweet this]



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