Today (May 5th) marks twelve months since the last time I drank alcohol.


I want to keep this one to the point. So many aspects of my life have changed over the last year and it’s not easy to communicate the positive impact that has been happening. It’s overwhelming sometimes. Here are a few things that I have noticed in the last year:


I don’t hate much in life. In fact, I really only hate two things: mosquitoes, and hangovers. The best hangover cure is to eliminate it all together.

2. Being Present & Aware.

I found one thing to greatly overwhelm most others after a year of not drinking, and that is a heightened sense of awareness. Feeling feelings is a wonderful thing.

3. True Relationships. (with humans and nature)

I found that you can connect deeper with people when you are both sharp and maintained. I know so many people who have had relationships over the years and sometimes were completely based around drinking. I have heard this line a million times, “Yeah, all of the problems that we’ve had have involved drinking.” I want a deeper connection with humans that being half-numbed all the time. Furthermore the connection I have with nature and everything alive feels stronger. More synergistic. I think once you begin to remove toxins from your body your mind starts to sing with the energies surrounding it.

4. Increased Health & Focus.

I’m not a doctor, and I’m not even a fake doctor, but I KNOW that my internal organs are thanking me.

5. Less Toxic Vibrations.

You always hear about people eliminating clutter in their lives, throwing away things they do not need, and that is all great. The fact is that most people invite negativity into their lives by how they choose to surround themselves with. Since not drinking or being in bars, I have found a sense of calmness in my life and my friendships.

6. No Losing Consciousness.

Remember back in your teenager years or (now) when you get absolutely intoxicated, then hear all about your night the next morning? Yeah, I had totally had enough of that. Consciousness is King.

7. No Taxis.

Since I haven’t had a drink I haven’t needed to take a taxi anywhere. You know how it feels? Damn good. I’m not sure if you’ve heard or not but the taxi system in Calgary, AB is ridiculous and I’d literally do anything to avoid taking a taxi. Unless money isn’t an object. Then I’ll take a taxi. Two of them.

7. No Longer Needing To Displace Reality.

Alcohol robs you. It robs you of your wallet, your senses, your relationships, your health, your mind and your soul. [tweet this] I no longer need to displace reality and now that just being alive is the natural high, I find myself falling in love with more things (like kayaking) that I find so meditative and serene. I love feeling at peace.


Overall, I see these being the elements of being a better person. And remember, too much of anything will make you an addict.


Have you ever tried to stop drinking for a long period of time? Did you find it extremely difficult? I’m curious to hear your story, please feel free to comment below!



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